In many ways Amanchu marks a change in direction for Kozue Amano, yet paradoxically bears many similarities to Aria.

 The semi futuristic Mars of Aria is replaced by a contemporary earth of this series as Kohinata Hikari, a part time scuba diver and newly starting high school student, meets and befriends Ooki Futaba, a quite and withdrawn newcomer to the coastal town of Ito [the setting for this series]who through her encounters [and experiences with]hikaru, begins to open her eyes to this fabulous new world, and at the time open her heart as well.

As to be expected Kosue’s artwork is the crowning feature for this series – everything, from the wetsuits hikaru and ooki wear to the town and the countryside, are lent an almost realistic nature, but without the telltale signs of being traced from a photograph – even his work on  the underwater scenes make you feel that you are underwater with the girls.

With a great supporting cast, in the guise of teacher and scuba club instructor Katori Mato, and the two senior classmates, and fellow club members [and also brother and sister] Ai and Makoto,  this series has animated adaptation written all over it.


Don’t be shy – dive on in!

NEWSFLASH! derby 2010 J-Rock Event!

and you thought this was just a blog repository for some mad Uk anime fan!

Basically tokyo otaku, a derby based anime/manga/everything else a british  anime fan with a small countries bank account would need/shop is helping to organinse a J-rock event in Derby

heres the basic details from their facebook event announcment:

Date: Sunday, September 26 at 7:00pm
Time: 19:00 – 23:00
Location: Assembly Rooms
Town/City: Derby, United Kingdom

Price: £20 early booking
Price: £25 on the door

Goto for ticket sales.


Bands Confirmed:
Geordi La Force

Bands Uncomfirmed:

Yoshida Brothers
Screaming tea party

Our wish list:

the GazettE

so if your a Uk based anime fan, and can makre mit to Derby, or just know someone who would be interested – TELL THEM!!!!!

Of Wolves and drossels


hey hoo readers, just a short post today as i have to prep for an interview tomorrow:

firstly heres a review by youtube blogger Vangel1s of figma’s Drossal [from the japanese disneys fireball] –

for a sample of the…curiousness that is herr Drossel then go to here for the first translated episode of fireball –

and finally [and not at all beacuse i’ve just worked out how to attach video links,honest^^;] heres an interesting take on duran duran’s hungry like a wolf –

till next time – EXCELSIOR!!