Elephant,Elephant,hippo rhino?


Elephant, Elephant, hippo rhino? Is a series of three panel comic strips written and drawn by Mary Beaird [although the third issue is now available via panic room comics, the first two are currently still available through sweatdrop comics]
At first glance the premise seems deceptively simple – the series [which is currently up to two small volumes] follows the trials and tribulations of Dave, a rhino who enjoys quantum physic, Shakespeare and DDR who’s life at the zoo is interrupted by the arrival of Keanu, a Brazilian Tapir whose hobbies include base jumping from trees, impersonating certain characters from the Matrix, and watching Buffy the vampire slayer and Eastenders.

As you can see, this not your average series.

Throw into this mix aliens, Cosplaying tapirs, anime conventions, musical renditions, and the truth about just what birds are talking about – and its not about decoration recommendations – and the result is a deceptively short, strangely addictive, surprisingly amusing, and an overall great value series, that readers of any age could read and find something enjoyable about.

The only real complaint i could level at this series is the fact that at 26 pages you always feel wanting for more once you finish each volume – but then again it could be said that by keeping the page count [and unintentionally the publication rate] low guarantees that the writer for this series wont suffer from either burnout or repetition, that could spell the downfall of many series.

All in all if your after a good laugh, but want a change from mecha and schoolgirls series, then this series is for you.

Now what animal was it again….?


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