Chii’s sweet home

If this series warranted a warning its that it may contain scenes of a disgustingly cute nature that may induce high pitched squeeing from girls, and rampant regurgitation from the men.

Seriously, trust me on this.

Chiis sweet home is a ongoing series of short episodic snapshots into the life of chii – a former stray cat who finds himself the reluctant member of a new family, and explores this strange new world he find himself in.

BEHOLD! As Chii discovers where to go to the toilet!

BE AMAZED! When chii barely survives his first encounter with the neighborhood cat!

BE SHOCKED! When you discover that your cat loving friends note many similarities to their cats.

BE STAGGERED! When you discover that this is just a slice of life comedy, yet cant help yourself from going “just one more episode, I can stop any time..”

with the original manga soon to be released by Vertical, and the two animated series now available via those lovely people over at Crunchyroll, there is no excuse to not while away a few minutes or so watching his exploits



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