Hidamari sketch hoshi mitsu

for some reason the hidamari debt collectors never had any trouble from their clients...

It’s January, its 2010, and as of this date in just 4 days time Hidamari sketch fans can get yet another fix of the animated adventures of
Ume Aoki’s Hidamari sketch manga series with “hidamari sketch hoshi mitsu” [other wise known as Hidamari Sketch x☆☆☆].

With nothing solid as yet it will probubly be another 12-13 part series [with again two DVD only episodes], and can be guarrenteed to be following fairly faithfully the origional manga, which considering the fact that there will be the adition of two new residents, and regular characters [forward talking nori and quiet and reserved Nazuna] can hopefully maintain Hhidamari sketches level of comedy, insight and enjoyment.

gods, im sounding like a PR amn.

speaking of which – the US DVD release of the first series is out now
priced $12.99 [or £28.00 for uk fans]

and finally the fourth volume of the manga series that started all this is out now from yen press [ linkage – http://yenpress.us/?page_id=396#V4 ]


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