bad news guys

bad news guys.

new digtal recorder – £35

return fare to london – £66

crappy hotel that was all i could afford, and made faulty towers look like the ritz – £65

coming home to find that, whilst trying to clean up the audio, that my new, £35 *%^^%&% digital recorder has basically chewed up nearly 10 minutes of the audio – and its not just one block of audio im talking about its a few seconds here and there – the result being that the audio i have is near useless – priceless.

[and breath]

the only good thing to come of it was, apart from meeting danny choo [and geting one of his famous calling cards], was the chance to network with some fellow DC fans and even cheekily advertise my website!

EDIT: as a [sort of ] compromise heres some piccies that i toke whilst both at danny choos seminar, and after when i went a wandering around london


2 thoughts on “bad news guys

  1. Sneddon says:

    Hey dude

    it was nice meeting u there, im the guy with the weird hair even through im asian, lol

    i’ve added u on my blogroll, do check it out ^^


  2. Hammy says:

    It’s a shame to hear that the recording messed up, but hey, at least you met some interesting people and got to hear Danny’s inspirational talk ^^
    Thanks for the blog roll add. I’m looking forward to reading more of your posts in the future!

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