culture japan episode 0

now we have a chance to see internet blogger [and rampant dollfie hoarder] danny choo’s pilot for his new tv series Culture japan available now with english subtitles.
For this episode he has on guest presenter, and the voice of ritsu from K-ON, Sato Satomi.

at the moment the show will only be available in japan [on Tokyo MX TV] and then later across the rest of Asia via Animax Asia, with english subs available depending on the region.

geez, hasnt danny heard of

On Genshiken 2 – and reservations

With the recent announcement that Kio Shimoku will be writing a sequel to his hit otaku manga/anime series Genshiken [called imaginatively enough Genshiken 2] you’d think that yours truly, Kio Shimoku fan that I am, would be over the moon about this announcement.

Yet why do feel a sense of foreboding about this project?

Why does it feel that this wasnt a willing release?,
– How much of this was motivated by fan pressure, seeming only knowing Kio Shimoku for Genshiken , and unable to recognise him as capible of writing anything else but that?
– Or was it by his publisher Kodansha being desperate for a new series that can guarantee good to high manga sale, and a steady supply of merchandise deals and Anime adaptation options.
– Or was it inspired by Kio himself who, after his previous two post – Genshiken releases [kujibiki unbalance and Digopuri] were both cancelled after two volumes, In part no doubt by Genshiken fans clamouring for more of the same. has he finally thrown the towel in and given into fan pressure?

Or am I simply worrying about nothing? Gods I hope I am.