English teachers: the series [or”what JET didnt tell you about teaching in Japan]

Before the age of otaku package tours the best way for someone to travel to japan was via the JET program, that stalwart process that enabled you to travel to the holy land [!] and see the sights – all you had to do was teach a bunch of school students english.

Simple? stress free? try telling that to Tom Kellerman, long suffering american English Language teacher and our narrator of “english teachers”[ no, really thats the title], a new 8 part webseries that follows a group of teachers at the “BeYes” [think about it!] english language school, the sort common in Japan.

The teachers who work there though? less than common.
Along with well meaning [but always clutzy] Kellerman we are introduced in the first two episodes to;
-Australian teacher and wannabe zen masrter/ninja Nevil.
-Overly strict [in the Bastard lovechild of Margaret Thatcher and Fanny Craddock variety] Ashley.
-longtime British supervisor [and generally lazy so and so] Mark.
-and finally newly arrived [And fellow American] Jody who rounds out the English cast.

yep, considering this is about a japanese language school it makes sense that the Japanese cast is also topnotch, with stressed BeYes compay head miss Sawaguchi, whose choice of teachers may have had less that desired results.
with an eye towards “the office” the writing is insightfull, well paced and entertaining, with many people commenting on the website’s comments pages about the accuracy of some of the caractures of the teachers and cast members – at times i wish that there was more than just the 5 – 6 minutes each episodes are alloted – a definite good sign

for more details go to , http://englishteachersseries.com/, you can subscribe to their youtube channel or you can watch the first two episodes here.

and remember to have a BeYes day!


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