Bunny drops Vol 1

When 30 something office worker Kawachi Daikichi attended his grandfathers funeral the last thing he expected was to discover that said grandfather had fathered a now orphaned daughter, Kagga Rin.

The other thing he didn’t expect was that he’d elect to become her guardian.

Currently ongoing in Japan as Usagi drops, bunny drops [to use its English title] marks yet another delve by Yen press into the Jousei Genre of manga [a genre traditionally read by 20-30 year old women and a million miles away from the action packed shonen and the teen angst shojou we so often get in the west from other companies].

As I read this first volume the first thing that I was reminded of was of Yotsuba& [ a series also owned by Yen Press – definite positive points from this reviewer] yet unlike that series, where we see the world through yotsuba’s eyes, her father merely a support character, with Bunny drop we see events firmly from Daikichi’s perspectives – the perils of raising a child who’s effectively his aunt [don’t ask], how her addition to his life affects his other wise cosy, organized universe – and also the question of what happened to Rin’s mother?

As to be expected the translation was near perfect, with a appendix at the back explaining some of the more usual aspects of Japanese.

With manga traditionally aimed squarely at the teenager – early 20’s market bunny drops is a gambit that I am glad that yen press has taken – along with ‘into the light’ these show that Japanese manga, rather than being “just for the kids”, can portray stories that be read and enjoyed by all ages – I only hope that this series doesn’t get buried under yet another generic shonen or shojou series.

Buy this series – or else Rin will get upset, and sulk.

9/10 – thoughtful, entertaining, and insightful -but will that be enough to make it stand out of the crowd?


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