Halloween must read list

Its that time of year again – when the night get darker, the shadows draw longer and the kids get decked out for trick or treat, as we look at the Chuo-dori must read manga list.

Higurashi no naka koru ni
Based off of a visual novel series [currently available in english language from mangagamers.com, this series is set in the 1983 in the quiet japanese village of Hinamizawa, and follows the protaganist keiichi [no relation to certain goddess befriended individuals] as his seemingly quiet life is rocked by a series of grusome murdes, terrible secrets, and the sense that these murders are more than meet the eyes – are the stories about demons spiriting away people true?
Told in a series of story arcs, its not until the final arc of the second series though that the final pieces are put together and all the secrets are revealed – the the truth will shock you!
This series is currentlly being released by Yen press, with the anime currently for sale form FUNImation.

Psychic Detective Yakumo
When college student Haruka Ozawa requests the help of fellow student, and rumored physic, Yakumo Saitou, she has no idea of the world that she has let herself in for.
Originally released as an ongoing novel by Manabu Kaminaga, Psychic Detective Yakumo plays out as one part detective story and one part supernatural horror series as Yakumo and Haruka investigate and try to lay restless spirits to rest – helped by Yakumo’s one red eye, that gives him the ability to see the undead.
Along with the original light novel series, which has been going since 2004, this series is currently being released as an animated series, along with a manga adaptation, a live action movie.

Tasogare Otome x Amnesia
Tasogare Otome x Amnesia is an ongoing manga series by anonymous author “maybe” follows highschool student Niiya Teiichi as he investigates the mysteries surrounding Seikyou High school, along with schoolgirl, fellow high school student and de facto person in charge Kanoe Yuuko.

Oh did i forget to mention? Yuuko is a ghost, with no memories of her past and how she died in the first place [except that it may be linked to the goings on at the school]

with well drawn art that accencuates the shadow of the background, and adds a disturbing, darker essence to the series. With the series still ongoing in its original manga form i reckon its only a matter of time before it recieves an anime adaptation

Furuya Chihiro has two long time loves – one is his love of all things involving zombies, another is for the mysterious star highschool girl Sanka Rea. Yet, when by chance he discovers a potion that grants the ability to reanimate the dead, he never imagines how it will intertwine both his and Rea’s lives….erm….unlives.

Currently ongoing in Japan Mitsuru Hattori’s Sankarea switches, Elfen Lied like, between a fun highschool romantic comedy and a dark, almost unerving horror series – the fact that the father of Rea has an……overactive love for her for example is well played out, and the scenes hes in are definatly not played for laughs – you will feel the need for a shower after reading his parts.
All in all this series, despite its erratic release, still offers a dark and at the same time amusing read.

Highschool of the dead
now, ive already done a review of the manga in an earlier post and as the anime adapatation followed the series totally so ill just leave this piece of good news about this title
Manga entertainment and FUNImation have licenced the anime series, with Mangas UK release slated as January 2011.
Yen press has also announced that the english language release of the manga for july of 2011


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