Love Roma vol 1

When the male lead of Love Roma, forthright and worryingly honest Hoshino, confesses his feelings towards the female lead, Negishi, in the very first chapter – in fact in the very first frame of the very first page – you know this isn’t going to be your average series.

Written by newcomer Minoru Toyoda, originally published in shonen afternoon [ from which Oh my goddess, Genshiken, blade the immortals and many others originated] and published in the west by Del Ray, Love Roma seems to not just throw away the book on romance manga but to shred it, feed it to their pet ferret, and then burn the resulting by-products.
In this, the first volume of a 5 volume series [ romance fans on a budget take note] we see our romantic duo go through such earth shattering problems as a first kiss, their first fight [and their subsequent make up] their first date….
yeeeah, not exactly MARS or kare kano I know – but look at it this way.
Love roma is best seen as a more relaxed, leisurely take on the Shonen genre with potential love rivals shot down with the same lack of angst and over the top drama as the aforementioned first fight. As a result I found that is format meant that I found it easy to pick up, read an episode or two and then put down again – it doesn’t demand much from its reader but to relax and enjoy the ride.

So if you want a shojou series that doesn’t involve 20+ volumes of the lead characters angsting over their feelings for each other then make an effort to find this intriguing little series out.


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