Princess Ghibli CD

When Hayo Miyazaki commissioned the soundtrack for my neighbour Tottoro, I’m sure he had a particular theme and style in mind……

I’m sure however, that he wasn’t expecting a heavy metal rendition.

Princess Ghibli is a CD album released by italian record company Coroner Records and features rock band imaginary flying machines, Disarmonia and a number of other bands and solo singers who give their own…. unique interpretation to 12 of Studio ghibli’s iconic soundtracks – from Ettore Rigotti and blood stain childs powerful rendition of Teru no Uta [ from tales of earthsea], to Disarmonia Mundia and Sophia Aslanidou’s take on Arriety’s song [ from the upcoming the borrower Arriety] – if you don’t find yourself head banging to at least one of these songs then you have no soul.

Now I’m sure that for some the idea of a heavy metal version of Tottoro might not be for everyone [although I swear the male singer sounds just like him] but if your a Ghibli fan, you have to get this CD.

The only minor problem with this is the fact that [other than Japan] the only way to get this Album is to either import the CD from Japan , where its getting its [to date] only Physical release, or via downloading it from I tunes or Amazon – but hey, its only £7.99, thats what – Half a ghibli DVD?

But don’t take my word for it…..


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