Anime news dump

i was going to be putting up a review about Full metal alchemist creator Arakawa Hiromu’s new series silver spoon, but some recent news items have convinced me to do a quick news item – with varying degrees of win.

good news for all those Gundam© fans that have been wailing and nashing their teeth about Sunrise’ newest cashcow gundam AGE [even though it hasnt been released yet]
despite Bandi channel announcing a new sereiews on Saturday early recievers of The August issue of Kadokawa Shoten’s Monthly Gundam Ace magazine have discovered an announcemt for an anime adaptation of the long running manga re-imagining of the first mobile suit Gundam© series called “Gundam the origin”, however so far theres no indication as to when it’l be released.

my thoughts:an actual remake of the first gundam series? FUCK YEAH!! ive been waiting and hoping for something like this since forever – it’s a pity that we lost so many of the original voice actors.
to see the original news item pop on over to anime news network –

fans of cute little magical girls getting killed in gruesome and scary ways may have a chance to rejoyce!
american Anime website AnimeEv have discovered via twitter that Aniplex of america have just registered “”, leading to the every propable conclusion that yes indeed puella magica Madoka Magika may be well on its way to the west. this comes after announcments by Aniplex that discussions were under way to licence the show.

What i think: hell i was into this series after first reading the announcment for it last year – damn straight im’a geting this!!
heres the linkt to animeEV’s website, and the article in question –

And finally – well it had to happen.
Sankaku complex this week posted an article omn the next step of virtual idol Hatsune Mikus plans to take over the world – this time via holograms!
to quiote the article, and researcher Dr Shunsuke Yoshida:
fVisiOn is a novel glasses-free tabletop 3D display. The developed novel technique can float standing 3D image on a blank flat tabletop surface, and allow multiple viewers to observe the 3D from omnidirection of 360° in seated condition. It is designed to be a friendly interface for multiple users for varied tabletop tasks by featuring our glasses-free method and observation style.

For generation of the 3D images, fVisiOn employs a newly developed special optical device as a screen and a series of micro projectors arranged circularly. The combination of those devices reproduces a light field in a certain volume on the table.

My thoughts holographic chibi Mikus? well, we’re screwed!
link to the original sankaku complex article –
well, what do you think? want to see more articles like this? or should i stick to my usual stuff? as always put your thoughts on the comments page down below.


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