Yamato 2199: Yamato 2.0?

Sooo, apparently there’s going to be a remake of Space battle ship Yamato.

But it’s not another movie ala Resurrection.

And it’s Not another spin off ala Yamato 2520.

but an actual, Honest to god remake of the first series, with Yutaka Izubuchi (RahXephon) as director, Nobuteru Yuki (Escaflowne, Record of Lodoss War) designing the characters, Makoto Kobayashi (Giant Robo, Last Exile, Space Battleship Yamato Resurrection) Mechanical designs and both anime studios XEBEC and AIC handling production.

Could this be the series that finally brings Yamato back from the long slump of failed sequels that have plagued this franchise – or is this fated to simply disappear beneath the waves?
Oh greats god of anime -please,PPPLLLEEEAAASSSEEE dont let this suck.

Myself and the world will find out when This new Yamato series premieres with a feature length movie, comprising the first 2 episodes of the series, on April 7 2012 in Japan.
for more details you can go to their website Yamato2199.net


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