Big announcment – Minamicon

You know, There comes a time in the career of a manga/anime/whatever shiny thing catches their ferret like mind/etc blogger where simply posting on a WordPress blog about obscure or unknown manga series simply isn’t enough – no there comes a time where –

okay that’s sounding hokey I know so lets get to the point.

I will be hosting my very first panel [titled ” I cant believe you havent read this” – don’t tell the reverse thieves] at the Uk anime convention Minamicon on the 16th -18th of March at the Novetel hotel Southampton. [my own panels planned for Saturday, the 15th at 11am – so not ideal for heavy sleepers!]

those of you coming i hope to see you there.


One thought on “Big announcment – Minamicon

  1. Ian Rudd says:

    Hi there. This is Ian, I spoke to you about your panel on Saturday at Minami Con in the MOE Maid Cafe on Sunday afternoon. I really enjoyed the talk and will definitely check out A Distant Neighborhood and Town Of Evening Calm, City Of Cherry Blossoms. All the best. Ian

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