Velveteen and Mandalla

What can i say about Velveteen and Mandala?

Well…….its a manga alright.

….yeah, maybe more details are in order here.

Written and drawn by Jiro Matsumoto, and Originally published as a series of interlinked short stories in manga erotic f between 2007 – 2009 before being translated and published as a single volume release in 2011 by US manga companyVertical. The story follows two girls in an apparently post apocalyptic Tokyo – Velveteen, a cocksure, bleach blond girl who it seems has run away from home and now lives, scruffy, unclean clothes and all, in an abandoned tank by the riverside…

Yes I did say an abandoned tank – trust me , that’s the LEAST weird thing about this series.

While Mandala comes off at times as a polite, well dressed schoolgirl – just ignore the fact that she tends to repeatedly shout “tape recorder” when stressed or…hell whenever the mood takes her.Velveteen however comes off as an emotionally scarred, and disturbed girl with what seems to be a tragic past that has reduced her to wandering along the riverside and killing Deadizens –

Oh yeah the Deadizens – basically imagine intelligent zombies, who still think they’re alive and as such still carry out their normal life as if nothings happened to them. We also discover that in fact the riverside that velveteen and mandala reside by is in fact a sort of dumping ground/processing centre for the recently departed, who have died but haven’t moved on to the other side. Throughout the story we follow the two girls [and later on Ashitaka, the superintendent of Suginami ward, where the story takes place, whose job it is to process [read: kill] the Deadizens and hires Velveteen and Mandala to help with the work] – although throughout the series we the girls as much fighting each other as they do the deadizens.

And then there’s the zombie diarrhoea rape scene – yyeeeaaahhh, im not going to go any further into it, but lets just say this book has more than earned it 18+ tag.

I know this seems a short review but to be honest Despite various attempts At reading this series I found myself time and again not enjoying this manga. Even the ending, which supposedly answers everything still left me more confused.

If you intend to buy and read this book I strongly recommend you to not go into this lightly – while I’m sure there’s some deep, esoteric meaning to the work I had a hard time just finding if there was even one in the first place.

For anyone else id say avoid it – avoid it like a Zombie plague.

Velveteen and Mandalla is published by Vertical,priced $16.95

In memorium: Noboru Ishiguro


24 August 1938 – 20 March 2012

What kind of place does Yamato occupy in you?

It was a pivotal point in my career. Yamato drastically changed my thoughts on what could be done with animation. Before Yamato, it had been said that SF titles would not catch on, and I believed it. But Yamato overcame such thinking in a positive way and changed my mind. It made me confident, and for this reason, Yamato is a very memorable work. 

On the 20th of March 2012 the last of the 3 three men [ Osamu Tezuka, Noboru Ishiguro and Yoshinobu Nishizaki] who introduced me into anime passed away.

Today the world of anime seemed that little more quieter for his loss.