A brief status report

so wrong….and yet sooooo right

Howdoo – just a brief upate, seeing as my artist spotlight for Ume Aoki is missing some extra material before i can post it.

Firstly id like to say hi to some new twitter followers, inparticular Tokusatzu/sentai reviewer EZRider [ whose reviews are up on reviewtopia.

Also, because im such a nerd for this series – NEW MYSTERIOUS CITIES OF GOLD [SQUEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!]


Also, in light of plans for a american version of Frances Japan expo, fellow bloggers Japanator have put up an article about the differences between the Ferench and american Anime convention scene.
link to Japanator article

And finally for now, What if pacman was made into a live action film?

the results? well, see for yourself…