Official Osamu Tezuka Youtube page

Yes im still alive [cold not withstanding – sniffle]
I was just wandering around youtube and stumbled onto an officially licensed partner channel by a company called Viki who are streaming Osamu Tezuka anime series, both old and new, and they’re planning to add new episodes of Tezuka’s anime back catalogue every week.

So far the page is streaming:

Legend of Moby dick
Underseas super train:marine express
Bagi the monster of mighty nature
Astro boy [the 1980s series]
Dear brother [Oniisama e]
Jungle Emperor Leo : The Movie
Black Jack TV
Black Jack [OVA]
The New Adventures of Kimba the White Lion
Marvelous Melmo (Merumo)
Don Dracula 8 videos | 1 month ago
Black Jack 21

heres a link to the youtube page in question.
and also a link to the anime section of vikis own website, where they have even more Tezuka titles than what they’re streaming on the youtube page.