On Harmony Gold, and the UK rights to Macross.

So yeah as i was reading one of the ” FU harmony gold” threads on a certain forum site [the one that rhymes with “poor span”] someone brought up this piece of info which, after checking for myself, is in fact true:


In particular note what the actual rights cover:

Originally Posted by UK intellectual property office
Class 16
Comic books, novellas and role-playing books; instruction sheets for the construction of toy action figures; newspapers, periodicals, magazines; manuals; revues; books; posters; agendas; albums; almanacs; announcement sheets; articles for binding; playing cards.

Class 25
Articles of clothing, footwear and headgear; socks, footwear, shirts, sweatshirts, pajamas, warm-up suits, coats, shorts, gym shorts, dresses, clothing belts, bandannas, sweaters, gloves, ear muffs, neckwear, skiwear, slacks, sun visors, suspenders, turtlenecks, vests, headwear, bathrobes, beachwear.

Notice something missing from there?


Well, in comparison, heres the [now sadly expired] UK rights for Macross plus:

Originally Posted by UK intellectual property office
Class 9
Television games, software for television games, computers, computer software, vending machines, automatic and coin-operated amusement machines, software for automatic and coin-operated amusement machines, records, recording tapes, compact discs, movie films, video tapes, slide films, video discs; and parts and fittings therefor; all included in Class 9

tl:dr if I’m right does this mean that, While Harmony gold have filed the UK rights to macross, those same rights don’t actually include the anime series itself?

Or am i missing something?