The return of the victorian romance – Yen press to republish Kaoru Mori’s Emma

emma and william

So Yen press, at their panel at New York Comic Con on Friday have announced, amongst other titles, the release of Kaoru Mori’s series Emma.

As some of you who read my blog [as active as it have been] i absolutely love Mori’s work and to hear now that Emma is finally returning to the west after many years in the wilderness due the previous license holder CMX’S closure and while it will be as a 2-in1 omnibus edition this still doesn’t detract from the fact that if there is one series you should be buying [especially if you only know her by her most recent work bride story] it should most definitely be this be this.

If your new to Kaoru Mori then pop over to my artist spotlight to find out more about her work


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