The return of the victorian romance – Yen press to republish Kaoru Mori’s Emma

emma and william

So Yen press, at their panel at New York Comic Con on Friday have announced, amongst other titles, the release of Kaoru Mori’s series Emma.

As some of you who read my blog [as active as it have been] i absolutely love Mori’s work and to hear now that Emma is finally returning to the west after many years in the wilderness due the previous license holder CMX’S closure and while it will be as a 2-in1 omnibus edition this still doesn’t detract from the fact that if there is one series you should be buying [especially if you only know her by her most recent work bride story] it should most definitely be this be this.

If your new to Kaoru Mori then pop over to my artist spotlight to find out more about her work

On Harmony Gold, and the UK rights to Macross.

So yeah as i was reading one of the ” FU harmony gold” threads on a certain forum site [the one that rhymes with “poor span”] someone brought up this piece of info which, after checking for myself, is in fact true:

In particular note what the actual rights cover:

Originally Posted by UK intellectual property office
Class 16
Comic books, novellas and role-playing books; instruction sheets for the construction of toy action figures; newspapers, periodicals, magazines; manuals; revues; books; posters; agendas; albums; almanacs; announcement sheets; articles for binding; playing cards.

Class 25
Articles of clothing, footwear and headgear; socks, footwear, shirts, sweatshirts, pajamas, warm-up suits, coats, shorts, gym shorts, dresses, clothing belts, bandannas, sweaters, gloves, ear muffs, neckwear, skiwear, slacks, sun visors, suspenders, turtlenecks, vests, headwear, bathrobes, beachwear.

Notice something missing from there?


Well, in comparison, heres the [now sadly expired] UK rights for Macross plus:

Originally Posted by UK intellectual property office
Class 9
Television games, software for television games, computers, computer software, vending machines, automatic and coin-operated amusement machines, software for automatic and coin-operated amusement machines, records, recording tapes, compact discs, movie films, video tapes, slide films, video discs; and parts and fittings therefor; all included in Class 9

tl:dr if I’m right does this mean that, While Harmony gold have filed the UK rights to macross, those same rights don’t actually include the anime series itself?

Or am i missing something?

Kaoru Mori’s Anything and something


As I mentioned in my artist spotlight, despite the number of Kaoru Mori’s titles that are available in the west, I was disappointed that, due to their length, many of her short stories were unavailable legally – That is until the recent release by Yen press of Anything and something, a collection of her short stories that she has had published in Fellows magazine, along with many of her various illustrations and sketches from the last 10 years, as well as artwork of both her earlier works Emma and Shirley and her most recent work brides story.

As the title suggests the titles presented cover a large swathe of subjects including –

Welcome to the mansion, master – where a young delivery boy suddenly finds himself the less than willing owner of a of less than scrupulous maid and butler.

Burrow Gentlemen’s club – One of the many contemporary period stories included in this book this tale, told in the first person, introduces us to a hostess club waitress who may be more than she seems….
Oh, did I forget to mention that she’s also a bunny girl?

Miss Claire’ s ordinary, everyday life – Despite the title of this 2 part story Claire, the sole renaming servant to the always broke Baron Heinz, has anything but an ordinary life, from see through glasses, to burglars, to even a gramophone built into a Victorian telephone [beating bill gates by 100 years!]

But by far my favourite part of the book was that Velvet blossoms, the story drawn by Kaoru and written by Satoshi Fukushima, and which I covered in my artists spotlight on Kaoru Moris works, has been included in this book [although retitled for the western release as “Sumires flowers”].
The story of two female art club members, one more interested in her art than social interaction, the other who uses the art club as a mean to “socially interact”, and how the two eventually come to understand each other and bond through art still stands in my mind by far as the one title that makes this book a must buy – In fact out of them all I think both Sumires flowers and Claire had the potential to be developed into their own [albeit short] series in their own right.

In all this series is an absolute must for fans of Kaoru Mori, whether through her recent work Brides story or [like me] through Emma.

Chuo dori info dump 24/01/2013

Firstly howdoo and yes i have yet again arisn from my undead sleep.

1] As anime blogger ogiue maniax has recentley posted on his blog The latest issue of Monthly Afternoon has announced plans to air a brand new series of Kios Shimoku’s Genshiken. currenllty theres no word as to wether it’ll continue from where the previous animate adpatation left or wether it’ll just go straight to Genshiken 2 and introduce the new cast.

My own thoughts? – ive already mentioined my thoughts enough times to make people sick to the teeth to hear about them.

2] For those of you still undecided or not knowing one of the longest running UK anime convention’s AYACON will be hosting what will be it last ever anime convention EVER on the 16th – 18th August 2013 at the Warwick Arts Centre, University of Warwick, near Coventry.
their current guest list so far is video game voice actor and co-creator and Director of the hit web-series “There Will Be Brawl” Matt Mercer, with more announcments planned nearer to August.

for more details [and to register] go to

My own thoughts? – Ayacon was my first ever anime convention, WAAAYYY back in the mists of time […okey more like 2001, but whos counting] and i for one willl definitly be going down to see this

3] American manga/ book publisher Vertical inc. have set up their now annual Marketing and Licensing Survey, allowing fans the chance to not only air their thoughts about Vertical but to also put forward their wishlists of series that they’d like to get licenced and released in the west.
HOWEVER there are some restrictions, namely no titles from Shogakukan, Shueisha or Akita Shoten, nothing published before 2000 and nothing that has a volume count above 14.
the closing date for amissions is 8th Febuary – so hurry on down and
fill in the survey today.