The Walking Man


Man goes for a walk. Man sees sights and events that offer him and the reader insight. Man goes home.

If that description doesn’t strike you as an entertaining reading then you probably want to move on – go on, I’m sure mike dent has something good up over at justiceACE [link here] – probably about a giant robot or something.

Still here? Right then….

Aruku Hito, a one book complete series released in 2001 and created by  by Jiro Taniguch, follows the day to day life of a married man [hes never named in the series] and the events that happen when he decides to go for a walk – and no, we’re not talking FLCL type events – we’re talking him meeting a birdwatcher, him going for a drunken walk, him walking through his hometown at night….

Yeaaah……as you can probably tell by now;

A] this is a slice of life series

B] this isn’t for the thrill seekers/shonen fans etc.

So why am I  reviewing it? and why is it that I still enjoy reading it over and over again?

In a nutshell, in a series where very little to no words are spoken, its the artwork that tells each story – and tells it wonderfully. The artwork throughout is entirely photo realistic – if you wanted to you yourself could walk around these places. Another thing that I found was  that there was always some detail that you could spot in each page that you may have missed last time.

And I think thats part of why I think this is a good series – the reader is in many ways traveling alongside this man, and in so doing taking the time to appreciate the world that many of us take for granted.

wish I had time to spare to do this...
At the end of the day if you want an insightful series with great artwork but no overcomplicated plotlines, or if you just want something for a lazy, Sunday afternoon read then this is the one for you.

Till next time – when was the last time you went for a walk?

A walking man is available from the portent mon/fanfare website