Culture Japan Season 2 Episode 1 – Tohoku and the Tsunami Tohoku and the Tsunami

Yep, love him or hate him, its the return of Danny choo’s Culture japan series.
In this first episode of the new series Danny travels to Tohoku prefecture to cover the effects of the march 11 tsunami, the work to rebuild towns like Ishinomaki, and the effect the Tusnami still has on on people there 7 months on.

For more videos from Danny Choo you can go to his Culture Japan page on Youtube, or you can watch Season 1 Of Culture Japan over on Crunchyroll.


Pilot episode of Otaku-Verse Zero

here the pilot eopisddoe of a new online vidcast [and in no way in competition to danny choos culture japan – honest]
Otaku -verse zero, with otakuUSA’s Patrick Macias and Yuu Asakawa [ motoko in love hina, sakaki in azumanga daioh]

while it seems a tad light on content i would recomnend giving it trhe benefit of the doult until the series proper starts.
as for weither it will stand up on its own – well know what ill say by now…..

culture japan episode 0

now we have a chance to see internet blogger [and rampant dollfie hoarder] danny choo’s pilot for his new tv series Culture japan available now with english subtitles.
For this episode he has on guest presenter, and the voice of ritsu from K-ON, Sato Satomi.

at the moment the show will only be available in japan [on Tokyo MX TV] and then later across the rest of Asia via Animax Asia, with english subs available depending on the region.

geez, hasnt danny heard of

Danny choo @ anime expo


as som of you may recall i went to London to see Danny choo, witht the bonus plan of transcribing his talk and sharing it with you guys….

yeah, that didnt go quite to plan.

so imagine my suprise when, in Danny choos recent post about his talk he made at the US japan expo, i discovered that this was pretty much the same sppech as the one he made at the London trip!

so, it gives me great pleasure, albeit a few months late, to present danny choos panel:


curtosy of heres the first ever episode of danny choo’s new tv series culture:japan.
unfortunatley theres no subtitles at the moment but that should only encourage you to learn more japanese – or make friends with a subtitle machine.

if you’d like to see more entertaining videos about japanese life and culture then go over to or visit their youtube page

bad news guys

bad news guys.

new digtal recorder – £35

return fare to london – £66

crappy hotel that was all i could afford, and made faulty towers look like the ritz – £65

coming home to find that, whilst trying to clean up the audio, that my new, £35 *%^^%&% digital recorder has basically chewed up nearly 10 minutes of the audio – and its not just one block of audio im talking about its a few seconds here and there – the result being that the audio i have is near useless – priceless.

[and breath]

the only good thing to come of it was, apart from meeting danny choo [and geting one of his famous calling cards], was the chance to network with some fellow DC fans and even cheekily advertise my website!

EDIT: as a [sort of ] compromise heres some piccies that i toke whilst both at danny choos seminar, and after when i went a wandering around london