Jonothan Clements and the history of the anime industry

Recently published on his Facebook page, Prolific writer and commentator on anime and manga [and in my own opinion one of the two best authorities on anime an manga in the west, the other being Helen McCarthy]Jonathan Clements also left us a gift of sort – ill let him explain:

In the unlikely event that any of you want to read my PhD thesis, the PDF is now up online at my Dropbox for a limited time. Those who have read my anime history for the BFI will find much cross-over, although the first 76 pages are much more involved and heavy-duty theory. The title is A History of the Japanese Animation Industry: Developing Technologies, Changing Formats and Evolving Audiences. It was passed by the committee yesterday as an “A”, with no changes required.

for those interested can download the thesis froim his Dropbox here.